- Airporthotel Duesseldorf
We, at Van der Valk Airporthotel, see it as our mission to protect the environment and therefore, sustainability is our priority. Since 2013, we feature the "Green Key" brand, which stands for sustainability in the hotel industry.

We live sustainable!

  • We use 85% LED throughout the hotel, because of this we save energy and reduce CO² emissions by 40%.
  • With our heat recovery system, the heat from our refrigeration- and air conditioning systems is used as preheating for our heating system.
  • We use a combined heat and power plant for the generation of electricity and heat. Compared to the conventional electricity and heat generation, a combined heat and power plant has a more environmental friendly effect.
  • The roof of the hotel is planted with moss, allowing less heat to escape, which allows the condensation of water at higher outside temperatures and cooling.
  • Conduit water is converted into drinking water, which reduces the consumption of bottles in the hotel and the resulting CO² emissions during manufacturing and transportation
  • The bathrooms are equipped with water-saving shower heads.
  • 80% of our restaurant products are purchased from local suppliers.
  • We recycle paper, glass, aluminum, batteries, energy-saving lamps, carton and plastic bottles.
  • For all intern prints, employees use the paper on both sides.
  • The hotel regularly organizes scholarships for employees on the theme '' sustainability ''.


Support us!

  • When you leaving your room, think of your key card! The main switch for the light and air conditioning is activated in the room by the key card.
  • Use your towel a second time! The towels of our guest are replaced when they are no longer on the towel holder.