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3 course menu €32,50 p.p.



  • Red curry soup

    pulled duck │ vegetables pearls

  • Thailand beef soup

    with egg noodles and prawn │coriander │ Pak Choi │ lemongrass │ spring onions

  • Korean broth

    kimchi │chili | lotus root | sprouts | quail egg

Main dish

Main dish

  • Wiener Schnitzel

    from Bio veal │pan fried potatoes │side salad

  • Iberico Rib Eye

    French Fries |grilled lettuce hearts |garden cream |baby vegetables

  • Haddock

    paella │chicken chips │lobster foam │mussels

  • monkfish

    bacon │elder-saffron-foam │ratatouille │variation of beans

  • Green asparagus Benedict

    leaf spinach |hash browns |fir oil |poached egg |hollandaise sauce

  • Rice waffle

    eggplant caviar │marinated tofu │hibiscus │cauliflower couscous |Pak Choi



  • Coffee deluxe

    triplet of sweets │coffee of your choice

  • Lemongrass Crème Brûlée

    apricot │almond praliné

Glass White/Red wine 0,2l: €4,75       Bottle: €14,50 

Glass Rose Wine 0,2l:  €5,25       Bottle: €17,50